Ser and Estar


We are sick.


Miguelís friend is French.


He is boring.


I am very tired


He is eating in the Italian restaurant on the left-hand side.


You (formal) are sober.


I am (a) sober (person).


Venezuelans are friendly.


They are always happy.


You (familiar) are embarrassed.


The building is on Main Street, close to Grove Street.


I am crazy today.


The car is far a block from here.


You (plural) are never here.


I am here with a friend.


We are returning with Rita.


You (plural) are against government waste.


Today Iím not having any luck.


She is cold.


I am a lawyer, but today I am a professor.


They donít have even a penny.


I am in a hurry.


Today I am without problems.


We are standing outside.