Practice – Regular Verbs


I open the door to come in.
2. We should study better.
3. Sandra and her friends are walking to the bus stop.
4. Do you (plural) attend the university?
5.  I study on weekends.
6. Carlos, why do you (familiar) frequent Italian restaurants?
7. Juan promises to do his chores.
8. Tomorrow we will walk to work.
9.  You (formal) always keep your promises.

 I am learning the lesson.


11. You (familiar) drink too much.
12. They (feminine) are looking for Main Street.
13.  Do you (plural) work in the city?
14. He receives letters every day.
15. I will live happily if I win the lottery.
16. They (masculine) are eating apples in the park.
17. He buys milk and cookies at the supermarket.
18. María and Luis are talking on the telephone.
19. My husband and I discuss the news during dinner.
20. Are you (familiar) afraid of the truth?
21. Do you (formal) understand my instructions?