World Literature and Composition 1X

Course Syllabus

Ms. Ahnen

Fall Semester 2007

Room 224

Phone (720) 423-6234

Course description:

This course focuses on World Literature using a variety of texts and approaches.  We will use a variety of genres, including, but not limited to, poetry, drama, autobiography, biography and novels to learn about literary movements, conflicts and humanity.  We will develop a deeper understanding of literature through reading, writing and speaking in a variety of contexts.  This is a standards based course.  For more information on the standards we will be covering please see the Denver Public Schools website:


You will need:

            -     Blue or black pen

-         Loose leaf paper

-         Three ring notebook

-         dividers

-         a place to write down assignments

-         Textbook and book we are reading at the time

Each student will be assigned a textbook during the second week of the semester.  Students are responsible for having the textbook in class.


Attendance is essential for you to do well in this class.  The discussions and group work we do in class are important for your success.  Please see the attendance policy in your student handbook for how unexcused absences will be handled. Participation will be factored into a portion of your grade, and that will be based on being actively involved in discussions by both listening and speaking in large and small groups.  Discussions are what make a literature class interesting, so it is imperative that you have done the reading to participate in these discussions.


If you are absent. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO FIND OUT WHAT YOU MISSED (ON YOUR OWN TIME).  The sooner you do this, the better off you will be. We will move fast, so if you are absent, you may e-mail me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Expectations:  This is a learning environment.  Please make sure you are ready to be an active member of the class.

Please do not bring:

            -CD players, i-pods, walkmans, etc. (If I see them in class, I’ll take them.)

-cell phones—(If I see it or hear it, I’ll take it.  Turn it off before class.  See student handbook for school policy on this.)

            -food or drink (you may bring water)


Your grade will be based on the following:


-You will be expected to participate in class discussions and activities during                                      class.

-You will be expected to come to class on time and bring the materials that you will need for the day.  Participation grades will be given on a weekly basis, for both attendance and participation.

10%-  Journals

At the beginning of the period there will be an idea, quote or question for you to respond to.  You will have fifteen minutes to respond to this question.  Responses are expected to be thoughtful and about a page in length. If you are late or have an unexcused absence, you will not be allowed to make up your journal.

15% Vocabulary

Vocabulary will be assigned everyday.  Each week you will turn in a vocabulary assignment.  There will be two vocabulary tests every nine weeks.

25% Shorter assignments and classwork

These are assignments that you will do during class, or assignments that you will do in a short time period.

30% Longer papers and tests and embedded assessments

-Papers in this category should go through the writing process and be typed and REVISED before they are turned in.

            -Projects should be done with pride and neatly presented.

-If you get below a C on any of these papers or projects, you will be expected to revise and the assignment and turn it in again within two weeks. It is your responsibility to make sure this gets accomplished.

-Late papers will be marked down an automatic grade.  Papers later than one week will not be accepted.

-Plagiarism will not be tolerated.  If a plagiarized paper is turned in, it will result in a 0 for the assignment and may result in an F for the nine weeks.

If you do not do these major assignments, you will not pass the course.  A parent or guardian must sign all major papers before they are turned in. 


We will be reading a variety of materials, including poetry, drama, essays and novels. 


A-    93-100%

B-    84-92%

C-    72-83%

D-    65-71%

F-  65% and below


Note to parents: Parent portal is available for you to view your child’s progress. If you have questions, the easiest way to get in touch with me is to e-mail and I will get back to you with your child’s progress within a couple of days.  I also check my voice mail regularly and can return your call.

I am here to help you!  I am available before school, during lunch and during my planning periods. 




I have read the syllabus and understand and agree to follow the guidelines outlined.


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Please let me know if you have questions or comments.