Competitive Speech X

Randy Thomas, instructor

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This course is designed to train students for forensics competitions on the local, district, state and national levels, as well as to introduce and refine student skills in the art of argumentation, interpretation, and extemporaneous speaking.   It is  a laboratory experience in a variety of public communication modes and provides the student with opportunities to apply their understanding and skills in a variety of forensics competitions.

South High School is affiliated with the National Forensic League, an organization dedicated to challenging students in the public speaking and presentation arts.  Students earn credits and achieve a variety of honors and awards for participation in tournaments and other speaking activities. The excellence of standards required by the NFL has gained them recognition by the National Association of Secondary School Principals as the only organizational seal that may be added to the studentís graduation diploma.

Course Outcomes/District Standards


The student will demonstrate the ability to think logical ly and speak clearly.


The student can form opinions, gather evidence, organize materials, and deliver and defend personal viewpoints and opinions.


The student can interpret the literature of a culture and society, revealing intent, meaning, and style.


The student can write for and speak to a variety of audiences.


The student understands, demonstrates and practices group interaction skills.
6. The student will develop, practice and demonstrate skills of public decision-making activities appropriate for a multicultural society.

Course Objectives: 

The student will

1. Demonstrate knowledge of the techniques of oral communication.
2. Demonstrate the ability to accept criticism and use it constructively.
3. Demonstrate an increased ability to think and speak extemporaneously.
4. Develop skills in gathering information and evidence.
5. Develop skills in formalized argumentation.
6. Demonstrate the ability to research, organize, and deliver original speeches.
7. Demonstrate the ability to review, edit, and prepare a interpretative presentation of a dramatic, humorous, and poetic selection of literature.
8. Share ideas, feelings, and knowledge with others in formal presentations.
9. Willingly participate in various public speaking  competitions.

Course Format/Student Expectations

1. The student is expected to select, research, develop and prepare two primary competition events on a yearly basis to be chosen from the following:

a. Debate:  CX or LD   b. Original Oratory
c. Dramatic Interpretation    d. Poetry Interpretation
e Humorous Interpretation    f. Extemporaneous Speaking 
(National or International)
g. Duo Interp/Duet Acting 


The student is expected to attend class sessions regularly and on-time.

  Spring 2003 Tournament Schedule

Columbine Invitational Columbine January 18
Jeffco Invite Standley Lake January 25
NFL Congress Nat Quals  (Creek ?) January 31/February 1
Douglas County Invite Ponderosa February 8
State Quals Overland February 28/March 1
State Championships Chatfield March 21-22
National Quals Cherry Creek April 4-5


South High School pays the entry fees for all tournament activities.  There are no refunds for withdrawals or no-shows.  Should the student withdraw from the competition after pre-registration with the tournament site, or if the student fails to attend the competition for whatever reason, the student will be expected to reimburse South High School for that competition fee.  The student will not be allowed to attend any future tournaments until that fee  reimbursement is made.


The bus scheduled for each tournament will depart from South High School at the time notified.  If you are late, either provide your own transportation to the tournament site or receive an unexcused absence markdown.  Students may drive to the tournament site only if Mr. Thomas receives written permission from a parent prior to departure.

Marking Period Grades

Grades for each marking period will be based on completion of activities and assignments for each marking period calendar.  The final semester grade will be adjusted to compensate for the tournament attendance record.

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