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Mythology - Calendar
Spring 2004

Instructor:  Randy Thomas

Room 225
303-698-6100  voice mail:  21460

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Course Calendar

Session Topic
1/6 Registration:  Book for course is $ 7.00, due by January 23
1/7-8  Cartouches and Timekeeping
Personal Calendars
Classical Mythology Word Search

Clf M  Clash of Mythology:  Perseus and Hollywood

Clash of the Titans; how myth changes; 
Perseus reading guide and crossword puzzle; 
Quiz, reading and motion picture; 
Essay, compare and contrast.


In the Beginning: Readings of global creation myths
Crossword Reviews 
Video, from Mad Max: Thunderdome
1/26-28 Performance Project in myth-making
  Homework assignment: "The Value of Myths"
1/29-30 Terminology in Myth and Folklore
"Alone on the Hilltop" (Native American Rite of Passage)  
The Archetype: Self Portraits
2/2-4 Myth-making: The Archetype Hero Story Book
Homework Assignment:  Chapter 1 Book of Mythology
2/5-11 The Gods of Ancient Greece
Chapter 1:  The Gods; Geography of Greece;  Crossword of the Gods; Women in Greek Mythology I;  Hawaiian Gods
2/12-24 Mythological Monsters
Trio monsters; Conflict assessment; Monsters reading guide; monster quiz; crossword puzzle; monster monologue; monster research hunt; Chapter 2, Book of Mythology; Women in Greek Mythology II; Vampires around the world (research); Third World Monster report and storytelling; Video:  Mythological Monsters; .


Grades will be determined by:
Assignments Points Due Date

Song Poems      (21at 5)






Calendar 15 1/12
Reading Guide, Story of Perseus 20 1/20-21
Crossword Review/Perseus 10 1/20-21
Hollywood/Hamilton Quiz 10 1/20-21
Perseus/Clash, Compare/Contrast Essay 15 1/20-21
Creation Myth Reading Guide 23 1/22-23
Crossword Reviews/Creation Myths 10 1/22-23
Group Creation Myth 10 1/29-30
Reading Guide, "Value of Myths" 13 2/2
Assessment, "Alone on the Hilltop" 20 2/3-4
In-Class, Archetype Self Portrait Activities 20 2/3-4
Title Page, Chapter 1, Archetype Hero Book 30 2/9
Mythology Word Search 25 2/23
Chapter 1 Reading Guide 29 2/10-11
Crossword of the Gods 25 2/12-13
Geography of Ancient Greece 15 2/12-13
Women in Greek Mythology I 10 2/19-20
Monsters Reading Guide 30 2/23
Monsters Matching Quiz 25 2/23
Monster Crossword Puzzle 15 2/23
Monster Monologue 15 2/23
Women in Greek Mythology II 10 2/23
Chapter 2, Book of Mythology 25 2/23
Vampires in Mythology Research 10 2/23
Monster Hunt Research (Small Team) 30 2/23
Third World Monster Report Storytelling 15 2/24-27


Bonus Points may be earned this marking period by the following:

1) Oral Reading Volunteer: or, 2) Submissions (Articles, Cartoons, Media w/restrictions ... discuss with the teacher).


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