In the middle of the night
go walking in my sleep
From the mountains of faith
To the river so deep

I must be looking for something
Something sacred I lost
But the river is wide
And itís too hard to cross

Even though I know the river is wide
I walk down every evening
And stand on the shore

          I try to cross to the opposite side
So I can finally find
What Iíve been looking for

In the middle of the night.

Billy Joel, River of Dreams, 1993 Sony Music.


  Mythology, a one-semester literature course, uses Greek and Roman mythology as a core to study the influences of mythology, folklore and beliefs, and their influences on society and literature.  Much of the class will be devoted to comparative study of mythology through cultural expressions of music, art, literature, dance, and drama. Course readings, activities and assignments are designed to aid the student in becoming aware of the similarities and differences in cultural concepts of self, community, religion, heroism, politics and philosophy.  The curriculum is designed to provide the student with a background in classical mythology.

Course Expectations
1. The student is expected to attend class regularly and on time.
2. The student is expected to participate in all class activities, practice quality study habits, and complete all classwork on time.  Late work will not be accepted .
3 Although a notebook is not required in this class for grading purposes, it is recommended that all classwork be maintained in an orderly fashion.  Duplicates of materials distributed are not provided.  Should there be an error in the computation of a studentís grade, the materials in the studentís notebook will be the only acceptable evidence for the change of that grade.
4. There will be a variety of activities in this class.  During those activities that require full class attention to presentations, any disruptions, disturbances, or inattention will not be tolerated.  In addition, we will be involved in many creative projects that entail sharing of work with class members.  Everyone in the class will honor and respect their peers and their products.
5. Food and drink are not allowed in this classroom.
6. I do not write passes to leave the room for any reason except to see the school nurse.  Take care of your personal business before you enter the class.

Course Outcomes

1. The student will demonstrate the purpose and need for myth in cultural development through oral and written analysis.
2. The student can describe influences of mythology on everyday life.
3. The student can demonstrate the concept of how and why myths develop.
4. The student will identify a minimum of 25 characters in Greek and Roman mythology.
5. The student will identify, describe and relate a variety of myths and mythological characters from a variety of world cultures and their geographic locations.
6. The student will identify a minimum of ten of the most important stories of Greek and Roman myths.
7. The student can compare and demonstrate the interrelationship of myths of a variety of cultures and world groups.
8. The student can identify and explain mythological allusions in literature.
9. The student can identify and analyze cultural heroes and archetypes.
10. The student can identify attributes of cultural heroes in contemporary literature.

The student can recognize the patterns of mythology in literature.

Primary Text:

Hamilton, Edith.  Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and HeroesUSA: Penguin Books (A Mentor Edition), 1969.)

The primary text, listed above, is to obtained by the student.  The book may be purchased at any major bookstore, and is often found at used bookstores.  Many students from previous classes may also have books to sell.  In addition, the book can be found at libraries.  If you wish to purchase the book through the school, you must follow these guidelines:

COST: $7.00 
DUE:  By January 23, 2004

No purchases will be made though the school after this date.   Regardless of how you choose to obtain your book, the text should be in-hand by February 2, 2004.

Course Instructor:  Randy Thomas
South High School

303-698-6100, mailbox 21460


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