South High English

Creative Writing - Spring 2004
One  semester/5 English Credits

Instructor:  Randy Thomas

Room 225
303-698-6100  voice mail:  21460

Creative Writing involves the study of characteristics and techniques of various types of writing, imaging, and publishing.  The impetus of this class is to simply write, explore multiple genres and forms of literature, and to engage the student in aspects of visual literacy.  This course encourages the student to develop writing potential, using language that is not striving towards mechanical perfection, but that is vivid, right, passionate and accurate.

District Standards

  • The student can recognize the value of words in production of description.

  • The student can produce a given form, based on instruction.

  • The student can demonstrate creativity through use of literary and artistic techniques and devices.

Course Objectives

  • Realize the necessity of detail in description.

  • Recognize various literary genres.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics of literary genres.

  • Identify various literary techniques.

  • Produce original works in various genres.

  • Compile original works in the process of portfolio selection.

Course Structure

  1. The student will receive a calendar of course activities and assignments for each marking period.

  2. Late work is unacceptable.  All assignments are due at the beginning of the class period on the date assigned. 

  3. Each class will begin with a journal activity.  Students who are tardy or whose absences are unexcused receive a “0” grade mark for that assignment.  Students whose absences are excused (school business included) receive

  4. Makeup work is available for excused absences only.  The excused absence must be documented with the attendance office.

  5. Do not place assignments in the instructor’s mailbox, unless requested to do so.  Many of those assignments seem to “get lost.”  Work not received is the student’s responsibility. 

  6. Food, snacks and beverages (including water) are not permitted in the classroom.  There will be an automatic 5% deduction for the marking period for each occurrence.

  7. Conduct personal business before or after class.  There will be no passes written allowing the student to leave the room, except to see the school nurse.  You may purchase a pass to the bathroom or to lockers for 3% of the marking period grade.  

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