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Advanced Placement
English Literature and Composition

Course Calendar - Fall 2003

Instructor:  Randy Thomas

Room 225
  voice mail: 21460   

Course Calendar

8/19 Registration, books, course guides/calendar
8/20 Objective Pretest
Handout: (bonus points) Literary One-Liners
8/25 Essay Pretest
l Assignment:  Read in text, pages 509-538
l Assignment:  Complete study questions (handout)
Handout: Poetry Vocabulary
Free response Question Reading Suggestions
l Assignment: Poetry Vocabulary Scrapbook.  due 9/8

Overview, the analysis of poetry

Discussion, “Death of a Toad” Richard Wilbur

Class Activities:  Speaker, Occasion, the Paraphrase
Ø "I Felt a Funeral in My Brain" Emily Dickinson
Ø "The Lady and the Bear" Theodore Roethke
Ø "On My First Son" Ben Jonson
Handouts: Punctuation Guide
l Assignment: Vocabulary 1
l Assignment:  Read in text, pages 539-551
l Assignment:  Group presentations

Diction, Connotation, and Denotation

Group presentations
Handout:  Short Essay Format
9/3 Short Essay Practice
Ø "Poetry of Departures" Philip Larkin
l Assignment:  "Base Details" Siegfried Sassoon
9/5 Class time, completion of Poetry Vocabulary Scrapbook
9/8-10 Introduction to Imagery
Ø "Blackberry Picking" Seamus Haney
Ø "Mushrooms," "Lady Lazarus," "Daddy" Sylvia Plath
Ø "Death of the Ball Turret Gunner" Randall Jarrell (780)
Ø "On Reading Poems ..." D.C. Berry (763-4)
Ø "In Winter in My Room" Emily Dickinson (770-1)
Ø "Return to the Swamp" David Wagoner (809-10)
Ø "There Was A Child Went Forth" Walt Whitman (813-814)
l Assignment:  Vocabulary 2  due 9/10
l Assignment:  Read in text, pages 552-583

Handout:  The Elements of Poetry

9/12-17 Metaphor Family
Ø "Sonnet 146" William Shakespeare (with practice test)
Ø from Richard III William Shakespeare (with practice test)

Group Analysis: "The Broken Heart" John Donne

Test: "After a great pain a formal feeling comes" Emily Dickinson

Writing the Formal Essay

Handout Essay Tips: Do's and Don'ts

l Assignment: Formal Essay, "Author to her book" Anne Bradstreet
due 9/22 
l Assignment: Vocabulary 3 due 9/17
l Assignment: Read in text pages 584-603

Reading quiz, chapter 6

Ø "The Men's Room in the College Chapel"  W. D. Snodgrass
Ø  “Because I Could Not Stop for Death” Emily Dickinson
Ø “Eight O’Clock” A. E. Housman (with practice test)
Ø  from “The Vanity of Human Wishes” Samuel Johnson (with practice test)

Small group analysis and comparison:  “Snake” D. H. Lawrence

Test:  “Hymn to Adversity” William Blake

·     Assignment:  Read in text pages 604-22. In addition, study the following poems in the text: “Garden of Love” William Blake (765); “Ballad of Birmingham” Dudley Randall (796); “My Mistress Eyes” William Shakespeare (802); “To An Athlete Dying Young” A. E. Housman (779); “Ex-Basketball Player” John Updike (808).
 ·   Assignment:  Vocabulary 4 due 9/24

Contradictions:  Paradox, Hyperbole, Understatement, Irony

Reading Quiz, Chapter 7

Ø  “nobody loses all the time” ee cummings
Ø   “Holy Sonnet 9” John Donne
Ø       “Holy Sonnet 5” John Donne (with practice tests)

Test, take home:  “Eighth Air Force” Randall Jarrell

Test:  “Habit of Perfection” William Blake

Timed Essay Writing


Assignment:  Vocabulary 5 due 10/1
·  Assignment:  Read in text pages 623-634.  In addition, study the following poems from the text:  “Ulysses” Lord Tennyson (596); “Old Bibles” Marilyn Waniek (811); and, “Musee Des Beaux Arts” W. H. Auden (763).


l Assignment:  Cartoon Research
Ø “poem, or beauty hurts mr. vinal” ee cummings
Ø  “Groundhog” Richard Eberhart
Ø “The Great Scarf of Birds” John Updike
Ø from “A Coney Island of the Mind” Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Ø “Journey of the Magi” T. S. Eliot (with practice test)
Group Test:  “Ulysses” Tennyson

Allusion (continued)

Test (take home):  “Musee Des Beaux Arts” W. H. Auden
·   Assignment:  Vocabulary 6 due 10/8
· Assignment (Long Term):  Poetry Portfolio due 12/8
10/15-17 Explication of the Poem:  Tone, Theme, Dramatic Situation
Discussions, practicum
· Assignment:  Written Explication (selections TBA) due 11/3
·  Assignment:  Oral Explication (scheduled for 11/12, 13, 14)
· Assignment:  Vocabulary 7 due 10/17
· Assignment:  Read in text pages 661-729
Grades for the first nine-week marking period will be tabulated at this point.  Included:
Study Questions 509-538 9 Small group “Snake"


In-Class Responses 8/27 5 Vocabulary 4 5
Vocabulary 1 5 Test “Hymn to Adversity” 14
Group Presentations 8/29 5 Reading Quiz Chapter 7 5
“Poetry of Departures” Essay 15 Vocabulary 5 5
“Base Details” 15 Test “Eighth Air Force” 15
Poetry Vocab Scrapbook 45 Test “Habit of Perfection” 10
Vocabulary 2 5 Timed Writing 10/3 30
Group “The Broken Heart” 10 Cartoon Allusion Search 21
Test, “After a great pain” 25 Group Test “Ulysses” 15
Vocabulary 3 5 Vocabulary 6 5
“Author to her Book”  Essay 50 Test “Musee Des Beaux Arts” 24
Reading Quiz Chapter 6 5 Vocabulary 7 5
10/22-24 Structure, Pattern, Rhythm and Music
Ø “The World is Too Much With Us” William Wordsworth (549)
Ø  “God’s Grandeur” Gerard Manley Hopkins (666)
Ø  “Nevertheless” Marianne Moore (791)
Essay, “Summon Bonum” Robert Browning
10/27-31 Practices in the Analysis of Poetry
Ø  “The Chimney Sweeper” and “London” William Blake
Ø   from King Henry IV, Part II William Shakespeare
Ø  “Hampstead Revisited” Alfred Levinson
Ø “Lines Written in Dejection” William Butler Yeats
10/31 Objective Examination, AP-Style

Practices in the Analysis of Poetry

Examination of the AP Poetry Essay Question
Ø "Convergence of the Twain" Thomas Hardy
Ø "Sow" Sylvia Plath
Ø "Storm Warnings" Adrienne Rich
Ø "Ogun"  E. K. Brathwaite
Ø "Law Like Love" W. H. Auden
Ø "The Greater Cats" from King's Daughter Vita Sackville-West
Ø "To An Athlete Dying Young" A. E. Houseman
· Assingnment: Vocabulary 8  due 11/7

Oral Explications


Comparing and Contrasting Themes and Attitudes in Poetry

Ø "London" William Wordsworth ~ "Dougglas" Paul Lawrence Dunbar
Ø from the Odyssey Homer ~ "Siren Song" Margaret Atwood
Ø "Spring and All" William Carlos Williams ~ "For Jane Myers" Louise Gluck
Ø "To Helene" Edgar Allan Poe ~ "Helen" H. D. 
Ø "Bright Star" John Keats ~ "Choose Something Like a Star" Robert Frost
Ø "Eros"  Robert Bridges  ~  "Eros" Anne Stevenson

Test (Objective and Essay) "There Was a Boy" William Wordsworth and "The Most of It" Robert Frost

· Assignment: Vocabulary 9  due 11/21
TBA the final two weeks, depending upon the actual final exam schedule

Poetry Unusual
Final Essay Exam (Timed Writing)
Final Objective Examination (AP Style)
Comprehensive Exam, Vocabulary Assignments 1-9

The final marking period will include the following assignments:

Essay "Summon Bonum"


Wordsworth/Frost Poem


AP Style Objective 75 Vocabulary 9 5
Written Explication 100 Final Essay (Timed) 100
Poetry Portfolio 100 Vocabulary Exam 50
Vocabulary 8 5 Final Objective Exam  100
Oral Explication 100

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