AP Literature and Composition, Fall 2004 Calendar

Poetry Calendar 
August 17 - December 17

Note: Unless otherwise designated, assignments (including readings) are due the following class period.

August September October  November December
Aug. 17 Registration, books, course guides/calendar
Aug. 18 Objective Pretest
Handout: (bonus points) Literary One-liners
Aug. 23 Essay Pretest
Assignment: Read in text, pages 509-538
Assignment: Complete study questions (handout)
Handout: Poetry vocabulary
Free Response Question Reading Suggestions
Assignments : Poetry Vocabulary Scrapbook due 9/10
Aug. 25 Overview; the analysis of poetry
Class Activities: Speaker, Occasion, the Paraphrase
"I Felt a Funeral in My Brain" Emily Dickinson
“The Lady and the Bear” Theodore Roethke
“On My First Son” Ben Jonson
Handouts:  Punctuation Guide
Assignment:  Vocabulary 1
Assignment:  Read in text pages 539-551
Assignment:  Group presentations
Aug. 27 Diction, Connotation and Denotation
Group Presentations
Handout: Short Essay Format
Aug. 30 Short Essay Practice
“Poetry of Departures” Philip Larkin
Assignment:  “Base Details” Siegfried Sassoon”
Sept. 1-3 Introduction to Imagery
“Blackberry Picking” Seamus Haney
“Mushrooms,” “Lady Lazarus,” “Daddy” Sylvia Plath
“Death of the Ball Turret Gunner” Randall Jarrell (780)
“On Reading Poems …” D. C. Berry (763-4)
“In Winter in My Room” Emily Dickinson (770-1)
“Return to the Swamp” David Wagoner (809-10)
“There Was A Child Went Forth” Walt Whitman (813-14)
Assignment:  Vocabulary 2 
Assignment:  Read in text pages 552-583
Handout: The Elements of Poetry
Sept. 8

Class time, completion of Poetry Vocabulary Scrapbook  

Sept. 10-15 Metaphor Family
“Sonnet 146” William Shakespeare (with practice test)
from Richard III William Shakespeare (with practice test)
Group Analysis:  “The Broken Heart” John Donne
Test:  “After a great pain a formal feeling comes” Emily Dickinson
Writing the Formal Essay
Handout:  Essay Tips, Do’s and Don’ts
Assignment:  Formal Essay, “Author to her Book” Anne Bradstreet due 9/20
Assignment:  Vocabulary 3
Assignment:  Read in text pages 584-603
Sept. 17-22 Symbol and Allegory
Reading Quiz, Chapter 6
“The Men’s Room in the College Chapel”  W.D. Snodgrass
“Because I Could Not Stop for Death” Emily Dickinson
“Eight O’Clock” A. E. Housman (with practice test)
from “The Vanity of Human Wishes” Samuel Johnson (with practice test)
Small group analysis and comparison:  “Snake” D. H. Lawrence
Test:  “Hymn to Adversity” William Blake
Assignment:  Read in text pages 604-22. In addition, study the following poems in the text: “Garden of Love” William Blake (765); “Ballad of Birmingham” Dudley Randall (796); “My Mistress Eyes” William Shakespeare (802); “To An Athlete Dying Young” A. E. Housman (779); “Ex-Basketball Player” John Updike (808).
Assignment:  Vocabulary 4
Sept. 24-29 Contradictions:  Paradox, Hyperbole, Understatement, Irony
Reading Quiz, Chapter 7
“nobody loses all the time” ee cummings
“Holy Sonnet 9” John Donne
“Holy Sonnet 5” John Donne (with practice tests)
Test, take home:  “Eighth Air Force” Randall Jarrell
Test:  “Habit of Perfection” William Blake
Timed Essay Writing
Assignment:  Vocabulary 5
Assignment:  Read in text pages 623-634.  In addition, study the following poems from the text:  “Ulysses” Lord Tennyson (596); “Old Bibles” Marilyn Waniek (811); and, “Musee Des Beaux Arts” W. H. Auden (763).
Oct. 1-6 Allusion
Assignment:  Cartoon Research
“poem, or beauty hurts mr. vinal” ee cummings
“Groundhog” Richard Eberhart
“The Great Scarf of Birds” John Updike
from “A Coney Island of the Mind” Lawrence Ferlinghetti
“Journey of the Magi” T. S. Eliot (with practice test)
Group Test:  “Ulysses” Tennyson
AP Literature:  Poetry Calendar (Semester 1), continued
Allusion (continued
Test (take home):  “Musee Des Beaux Arts” W. H. Auden
Assignment:  Vocabulary 6
Assignment (Long Term):  Poetry Portfolio due 12/1
Oct. 11-13 Explication of the Poem: Tone, Theme, Dramatic Situation
Discussions, practicum
·  Assignment:  Written Explication (selections TBA) due 11/15
 Assignment:  Oral Explication due 11/8-19 (Individual Random Schedule)
Assignment:  Vocabulary 7
Assignment:  Read in text pages 661-729

Grades for the first nine-week marking period will be tabulated at this point.  Included:

Study Questions 509-538 9 Small group “Snake" 5
In-Class Responses 5 Vocabulary 4 5
Vocabulary 1 5 Test “Hymn to Adversity” 14
Group Presentations 5 Reading Quiz Chapter 7 5
“Poetry of Departures” Essay 15 Vocabulary 5 5
“Base Details” 15 Test “Eighth Air Force” 15
Poetry Vocab Scrapbook 45 Test “Habit of Perfection” 10
Vocabulary 2 5 Timed Writing 30
Group “The Broken Heart” 10 Cartoon Allusion Search 21
Test, “After a great pain” 25 Group Test “Ulysses” 15
Vocabulary 3 5 Vocabulary 6 5
“Author to her Book”  Essay   50 Test “Musee Des Beaux Arts” 24
Reading Quiz Chapter 6            5 Vocabulary 7 5
Oct. 15-20 Structure, Pattern, Rhythm and Music
Ø     “The World is Too Much With Us” William Wordsworth (549)
Ø     “God’s Grandeur” Gerard Manley Hopkins (666)
Ø     “Nevertheless” Marianne Moore (791)
Essay, “Summon Bonum” Robert Browning
Oct. 22-27 Practices in the Analysis of Poetry
Ø      “The Chimney Sweeper” and “London” William Blake
Ø      from King Henry IV, Part II William Shakespeare
Ø      “Hampstead Revisited” Alfred Levinson
Ø      “Lines Written in Dejection” William Butler Yeats
Oct. 29 Objective Examination, AP-Style
Practices in the Analysis of Poetry
Examination of the AP Poetry Essay Question
Ø      “Convergence of the Twain” Thomas Hardy
Ø  “Sow” Sylvia Plath
Nov. 1-5 Practices in the Analysis of Poetry (continued)
Ø      “Storm Warnings” Adrienne Rich
Ø  “Ogun” E. K. Brathwaite
Ø      “Law Like Love” W. H. Auden
Ø “The Greater Cats” from King’s Daughter Vita Sackville-West
Ø “To An Athlete Dying Young” A. E. Housman
·        Assignment:  Vocabulary 8
·        Assignment:  Vocabulary 9
Nov. 8-19 Oral Explications
Nov. 29-
Dec. 3
Comparing and Contrasting Themes and Attitudes in Poetry
Ø      “London” William Wordsworth ~ “Douglass” Paul Laurence Dunbar
Ø      from the Odyssey Homer ~ “Siren Song” Margaret Atwood
Ø  “Spring and All” William Carlos Williams ~ “For Jane Myers” Louise Gluck
Ø “To Helen” Edgar Allen Poe ~ “Helen” H.D.
Ø “Bright Star” John Keats ~ “Choose Something Like a Star” Robert Frost
Ø      “Eros” Robert Bridges ~ “Eros” Anne Stevenson
Test (Objective and Essay) “There Was a Boy” William Wordsworth and “The Most of It” Robert Frost
Dec. 6 Semester Vocabulary Exam
Dec. 8-10 Poetry Unusual
Dec. 13-15 Final Exam

The final marking period grade will include the following assignments:

Essay "Summon Bonum" 15 Wordsworth/Frost Exam 50
AP Style Objective 75 Vocabulary 9 5
Written Explication 100 Final Essay (Timed) 100
Poetry Portfolio 100 Vocabulary Exam 50
Vocabulary 8 5 Final Objective Exam 100
Oral Explication 100