AP Literature  --  Randy Thomas

The following list of titles is a suggested reading to become familiar with a wide variety of novels, plays, short stories, and poetry that is often the subject of specific test questions on the AP English Literature Exam.  It is by NO means wholly inclusive.
Plays and Novels -- Those titles in bold will be focus works in the 2003-2004 class session.


Albee, Edward Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
Aristophanes The Clouds
Aristotle Poetics
Baldwin, James To Tell It on the Mountain
Beckett, Samuel Waiting for Godot
Brecht, Bertolt Mother Courage and Her Children
Chopin, Kate The Awakening
Clemens, Samuel Huckleberry Finn
Conrad, Joseph Lord Jim
Heart of Darkeness
Dreiser, Theodore An American Tragedy
Euripedes Medea
Faulkner As I Lay Dying
A Light in August
Fiztgerald, F. Scott The Great Gatsby
Heller, Joseph Catch-22
Homer The Iliad
The Odyssey
Ionesco Rhinoceros
Jeffers, Robinson Medea
Joyce, James Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Lorca, Frederico C.  Blood Wedding
Miller, Arthur Death of a Salesman
Morrison, Toni Beloved
Song of Solomon
Plato The Republic
Shakespeare, William Hamlet
King Lear
Taming of the Shrew
Sophocles Oedipus the King
Steinbeck, John Grapes of Wrath
Of Mice and Men
Stoppard, Tom Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
Warren, Robert Penn All the King's Men
Wilde, Oscar The Importance of Being Earnest
Williams, Tennessee The Glass Menagerie
A Streetcar Named Desire
Woolf, Virginia Mrs. Dalloway
Wright, Richard Native Son


Short Stories, Authors 
Aiken, Conrad Donald, Barthelme
Cather, Willa Cheever, John
Chekhov, Anton Chopin, Kate
Crane, Stephen Faulkner, William
Hawthorne, Nathaniel Hemingway, Ernest
Jackson, Shirley James, Henry
Joyce, James Kafka, Franz
Mann, Thomas Porter, Katherine Anne
Welty, Eudora Woolf, Virginia
Wharton, Edith .


Auden, W. H.  Bishop, Elizabeth
Blake, William Brandstreet, Anne
Brooks, Gwendolyn Browning, Robert
Lord Byron ee cummings
Dickinson, Emily Donne, John
Eliot, T. S.  Frost, Robert
Hardy, Thomas Harjo, Joy
Heany, Seamus Hecht, Anthony
Hopkins, Gerard Manley Housman, A. E. 
Jarrell, Randall Keats, John
Larkin, Phillip Moore, Marianne
Plath, Sylvia Rich, Adrienne
Whitman, Walt Wordsworth, William

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