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Improving Your Test Taking Skills.  This page comes from the ERIC database.  It discusses what you can do before a test, what you can do during a test, how to take a multiple-choice exam, and how to take an essay exam.

Study Guides and Strategies.  The University of St. Thomas provides a variety of study guides, including suggestions for test preparation and test taking.

Brains Are Not Enough: A Guide To Effective Study Skills. This very helpful site was prepared by the Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles.  Chapter 5 and 6 discuss preparing for tests and taking tests.

Survival Strategies for Taking Tests.  This short page of test-taking suggestions is part of the Study Skills Help Page at Middle Tennessee State University.

Test Preparation: Improving Your Test Scores Through Effective Planning and Review.  This page from Brazosport College in Texas tells you how to determine the test format, analyze previous tests, review effectively, and establish a test plan.

Improving Your Objective Test-Taking Skills.  Here’s another useful page from Brazosport College.  This one discusses careless errors, the three phases of test taking, guessing tips, multiple-choice tests, and true-false items.

ACT: The Test.  Wander through the ACT site to find resources for students, parents, and educators.  Of particular interest to students are the Sample Tests.

Collegeboard. com: the SAT exam.  This site provides a wealth of information for college bound students.  Make sure to visit the test preparation section for the SAT Question of the Day and the Practice Questions.

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