We will explore the art form of movie making and story telling by debating the essence of the cinema and providing conceptual frameworks for analyzing, among other things, the film image, narrative structure, the function of film artists, the relationship of film to reality, and the film spectator's position in the cinematic experience.


Possible Film Titles


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Rear Window


Pulp Fiction

Reservoir Dogs

A Clockwork Orange


The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Spinal Tap



The Big Lebowski

Lucky Number Slevin


Requiem for a Dream


Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

North by Northwest

Man on Fire

Four Rooms

Being John Malkovich

The Shining

American History X

Garden State


The Goonies

Walk the Line

Monty Python

12 Monkeys


True Romance

My Own Private Idaho

Party Monster


The Usual Suspects

Dr. Strangelove



The Professional

Fight Club

Taxi Driver

Cool Hand Luke

Dog Day Afternoon

Rosemary’s Baby

Duck Soup

The Gold Rush


Run Lola Run

Apocalypse Now

Good Morning Vietnam

The Princess Bride

Lawn Dogs

Welcome to the Dollhouse

The Departed

The Shawshank Redemption

The Godfather

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest



Film Styles


  • Narrative
  • Experimental
  • Documentary
  • Mocumentary


Field Trips


From time to time, there may be an opportunity for us to see a more recent film at a number of theatres around town. If that opportunity arises, Film Club members will meet at the desired theatre. At this point, members will be responsible for their own admission.




Many of the films we will be studying require an open mind and heart. So, it is the understanding of each member that we will respect the opinions of others, regardless of personal biases or otherwise. Film is a form of art, which leads to a variety of correct interpretations.


Parental Permission


By signing below, I am giving permission for                                                                    to view the films provided on this sheet of paper. I am also acknowledging that I have read everything in this outline.


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