Introduction to Literature and Composition 2

Syllabus - Spring 2003

Mr. Mandelstam

Room 216


The second semester class will begin with an in depth study of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Aside from reading the entire play as a class, movies and other enrichment activities will be used to add to our understanding and enjoyment of the play. We shall then move into a unit structured around various short stories and poetry, which will conclude with an ongoing and intensive creative writing process. The semester will end with a unit in which we shall concentrate on one or two novels which will be specified later in the year. Students will be expected to keep up will all reading and writing assignments, some of which will include short stories, poetry, collaborative projects and expository essay, not to mention class discussions.

Reading Materials:

Elements of Literature 3rd Course
Various novels and handouts to be distributed later

Homework Policy: 

Students may only receive full credit for an assignment turned in on the due date (unless excused). Late work will be accepted but the grades will reduce according to the tardiness of the assignment. Remember that it is your responsibility to find out what you have missed if you are absent. 

Office Hours:

I can always be found in Room 216 at lunch except Fridays. I also have planning periods 2nd and 7th hour, and can also be found in the Reading and Writing Center (Room 257) during 4th hour.

Grading Policy: 

I adhere to the school's grading table which is as follows

65 and below:   

Assesment Methods for this class will include in class and outside written assignments, group projects, quizzes, class participation, attendance, and a final exam at the end of the semester. 

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