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American Literature 2
Ms. Rinaldi



  You will be adding a story to the collected tales that make up the book Winesburg, OH by Sherwood Anderson.  Your story will be original and creative, but will also have to follow the "rules" that Anderson employed in writing the book:

  • character will be a "grotesque" in some way, there will be something about him or her that he or she can not deal with and that overwhelms him or her--some idea that can not be ignored or moved past.

  • George will have to be mentioned in the story somehow, since he is the thread that ties all of the stories together.

  • you will have to attempt to use some of the same types of descriptions--where this person lives in Winesburg, how the grotesque concept was acquired, etc.

Have fun with this.  As long as the person is a grotesque in some way, you pretty much can't go wrong. 

  The story will be a minimum of 3 pages typed, with 1" margins, double-spaced.

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