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Course Syllabus -- Fall Semester 2003

Ms. Rinaldi

Room 204
(303)698-6100 ext. 21411

The Drama course at South H.S. is designed to offer every student the opportunity to continually improve his or her inter-personal skills and achieve confidence and success making presentations in front of others.  The primary components of each student's workload are working well with others, learning basic acting techniques and skills, and taking responsibility for preparing performance pieces.  The nature of acting requires that each student advance at his or her own pace, and the grading system allows for this individualized assessment.  Drama is an extremely fast-paced, exciting, dynamic course and is both fun and challenging for students.  Every student has the capability to achieve high grades and gain valuable experience in an introduction to acting and the world of theatrical performance.


         Drama requires that students work independently--each student has time every day to work with scene partners to develop and memorize scene projects

         Constructive critique (both peer-based and teacher-based) will be offered on a daily basis for scene presentations

         Improvisational exercises and group activities will be a part of each class

First Marking Period:

The first marking period offers an introduction to the most basic rules of stage presence and acting technique.  The veteran students model and reinforce the skills for the novices.  General concepts are covered and explored through daily group exercises in improvisation and performance.

               stage directions (downstage, stage right, etc.)
         vocal projection
         sightlines (facing audience)
         body language
         maintaining character integrity
         memorization techniques
         diction (tongue twisters!)
responding to cues

REQUIRED PROJECTS:  Each student is responsible for preparing, memorizing and presenting 3 scene projects over the course of the marking period.  *IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO SUCCEED IN THE COURSE WITHOUT COMPLETING ALL 3 SCENES.

  #1:  DUE 9/8/03

  #2:  DUE 9/29/03

  #3:  DUE 10/16/03

Second Marking Period:

The second marking period focuses on the development of characters and more sophisticated interpretation of scenes and dialogue.  Students are now asked to examine the context of the work they present, and to attempt more realistic and effective portrayals in both improvised and prepared work.  Veteran students will challenge both themselves and the newer students to refine skills and improve performance quality.

         environments (creating space on stage)
         effective dialogue
         development of character
         research/background (unwritten dialogue)
         dynamic tension (working with one another)
         timing (comedic and dramatic)
         effective use of props
creating monologues/dialogue/character

REQUIRED PROJECTS:  Each student is responsible for preparing, memorizing and presenting 2 scene projects over the course of the final marking period.  *IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO SUCCEED IN THE COURSE WITHOUT COMPLETING BOTH SCENES.  There are now only 2 scenes in anticipation of deeper background and more careful preparation.

  #1:  DUE 11/17/03

  #2:  DUE 12/15/03

Drama is a chance to discover talent and enjoy working independently and with others.  Bring your own individual personality and it will contribute to the success for all of us!

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