20 CREDITS completed each 9 weeks, 8 different choices minimum



found poem


elegy for someone (or something)
2. graphic poem 16. original song lyrics
3. place poem 17. limerick (follow classic form)
4. person poem (another) 18. dialogue poem
5. person poem (self) 19. imagism poem (minimum of three)
6. repetitive word choice poem 20. humorous poem
7. nature poem 21. respond to an existing poem with a poem
8. sonnet (follow classic form) 22. poem on a news event (clip article)
9. sonnet (with variations) 23. poem about a painting
10. haiku (minimum of 5) 24. love poem
11. sijo (minimum of 3) 25. rhyming poem
12. ode to someone 26. "spoof" an existing poem
13. war poem
14. society poem


1. first person story 14. dialogue/scene
2. third person story 15. war story
3. sci-fi story 16. focus on setting story
4. horror story 17. mystery story/detective story
5. children's story 18. fantasy story/other world story
6. love story 19. story from a found subject
7. autobiographical story 20. fairly tale
8. biographical story (non-fiction) 21. magical realism
9. biographical story (fiction) 22. epistolary story
10. biographical story (fictional historical character) 23. create a myth/fable
11. 1st person essay responding to event (with clipping) 24. ironic story
12. character sketch (1-2 pages) 25. unique POV (omniscient, 3rd person through one set of eyes, silent observer, etc.)
13. monologue (does not have to be longer than 1 page) 26. "spoof" story
  • Create an entire children's book:  illustrated, bound, "perfect" (10 pts.)

  • Write an original "performance" poem (spoken word, slam, hip-hop) and perform it for the class. (5 pts.)

  • Create entire sci-fi/fantasy world:  maps, glossary, etc. (5 pts. in addition to story itself)

  • Thematic collection of music (cd) with citation and explanation. (5 pts. + more for actual cd and album cover)


  • All work handed in should be typed (some exceptions with permission)

  • Once handed in, graded hard for grammar and spelling--you are responsible for proofreading your work BEFORE you hand it in.  Stylistic grammar decisions are the privilege of the writer, but must be explained so that I know it is your CHOICE.

  • Points are not awarded until your piece is "perfect".

  • Because of this, I will always help you with drafts before final product is due if you would like.

  • You must keep all of your work--including drafts--until the end of the semester.