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Contemporary Literature

Course Syllabus -- Spring Semester 2004

Ms. Rinaldi
Room 204
(303)698-6100 ext. 21411

Contemporary Literature is an elective literature class offered through the English Department.  For the purposes of the course, "contemporary" is defined as anything written over the last 50 years.   The criteria for book selection are based on literary quality and readability, along with each book’s overall impact when it was published.  The goal of the course is to read amazing, thought-provoking books that are a pleasure to read and not a chore.  With this concept in mind, the students themselves choose the books we study from the list provided.  The first novel Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man will be provided.  After the first novel, students will be asked to purchase their own books.


     ·        The class is structured like a college-level discussion course.  Students are expected to have done all reading in preparation for each class.
·        Homework is reading.  That makes it no less essential than written assignments.
·        All in-class writing is "free-writing" and is therefore unstructured and dependent upon each student's willingness to think independently.
·        Take-home exams constitute 50% of the total grade and must be done thoughtfully and thoroughly.

Because we will choose books as we go along, it is impossible and impractical to make assumptions about the timeline and schedule.  We will study approximately 3 novels in each 9 week marking period, and will have a minimum of 2 weeks to obtain new books once they are chosen.  Please call with any questions regarding the upcoming semester schedule. (303)698-6100, ext. 21411.


Plainsong Kent Haruf: (Drama)  

My Year of Meats Ruth Ozeki (Drama/Social)  

Bel Canto Ann Patchett (Drama) 

Lucky You Carl Hiaasen (Comedy)

Here on Earth Alice Hoffman (Drama)

Small Vices Robert B. Parker

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