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Studio Literacy - Year 2

South High School
First Semester 2004-2005

9:20 - 10:55  Monday
9:15 - 10:50 Tuesday - Friday

Room 215

Marlene Rezvani, Literacy Coach
English Department
Classroom 215/Office 257

Course Description

Studio Literacy 2 provides intense instruction in writing and reading in a 90-minute daily block. Coursework incorporates academically rigorous instruction within a series of investigations and units of study that focus on in-depth inquiries into genres, authors, topics, and problems. Units of study in Year 2 include Poetry Matters: Contemporary Multicultural Poetry, and Literature Study: Bless Me, Ultima. Students will read and write texts in a range of genres as they think carefully about issues that shape the world around them. Comprehensive, genre-specific instruction and guided practice in writing for specific audiences is a central feature of the course.  Writing investigations focus on making use of writing resources, studying style, and preparing a writing portfolio. Reading investigations focus on developing strategies to solve problems in reading independently as well as within the learning community.


All books and most materials for Studio Literacy-Year 2 course will be provided in class. In the case of lost books and/or supplies, students may be responsible for replacement of items. In addition, students should always come to class with the following:

  • Pen/pencil

  • Student planner

Students are also asked to bring the following supplies for the second semester course:

Students are also asked to bring the following supplies:

Last names beginning with A-H                    200 sheets lined paper
Last names beginning with I-R                     12 pencils
Last names beginning with S-Z                     1 box of tissue

Additional supplies may be required throughout the school year.


Studio Literacy - Year 2 provides many opportunities for students to improve their reading and writing skills through instruction and practice. Students will earn grades based on several factors essential to the success of the course:

  • Attendance
  • Participation
  • In-class assignments
  • Homework
  • Projects


Except for final course assessments, all work will be completed in class. Grades will be determined based upon assessment of student work using rubrics we design together in class. A standards-based approach to learning provides students with the option of continuing to work on any project until a desired grade is earned. A weekly progress report will highlight how each student is doing and offer suggestions for improvement, if needed.

Homework/Make-up Work

Most assignments will be completed in class. Weekly progress reports and student reading logs are counted as homework assignments. A student who is excused absent will have two days to make up assignments for each day missed. It is up to the student to find out what work has been missed, to complete the work, and to turn it in within the required time period. Near the end of each semester, students will be required to complete a published assignment by a specific due date. Work at least one day and no longer than one week late will result in a 50% deduction in credit on any assignment. Extra credit opportunities will be available only to students who are up-to-date on all required assignments

Tardy Policy

See tardy policy information in the Student Handbook.

Attendance Policy

See attendance policy information in the Student Handbook.

Classroom Policy

Students will arrive at class on time and prepared to learn, and the teacher will be prepared to teach. Students and the teacher will respect each other and stay focused on course objectives. Students will ask for assistance when needed and offer assistance whenever possible. Students and the teacher will work collaboratively to meet learning goals.

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