French Review Ė Introduction Part 2

Write the French equivalent of the following:

We like to spend our vacations at the seashore.

Write in your notebook.

She often invites her friends to dinner.

Whatís the weather like?

I like to sleep until noon.

Does everyone have a math class?

Do you (fam) like to go to church?

We do a lot of things together.

Sit down and read.

He likes to read the newspaper.

Itís sunny and itís hot.

Our grandparents live in the same city.

Do you (fam) have any interesting professors?

Stand up.

What does your (formal) mother like to do?

We do the housework together.

We have class five days per week.

My parents like to drink a good black coffee.

I like to have dinner (to dine) at the restaurant.

We play on the beach.

They donít have any dogs.

Close the book.

What is your (formal) family like?

Here are your assignments for tomorrow.

She goes sailing with Mom.

What does she have?

What do you (formal) like to do?

My mother works with my father.

I donít have class on Mondays.

We like to watch TV.

She likes to read books.

Itís windy and itís cold.

Open the French book.

He doesnít like to sing.

My brotherís name is Jack.

Everyone stays at home.

My friends like to play tennis.

All the students have a lot of exams.

Please go to the board.

We like to take long walks.

Our classmates are very nice.

Look and listen.

She has her own apartment at our place.

Do you (formal) have any classes on Saturdays?

They donít like to play cards.

My grandparents live at our place.

Their ideas are also interesting.

Itís cool and itís foggy.

Itís not raining; itís snowing.

I especially like to do picnics.

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