German Review Ė Einführung B

Write the German equivalent of the following:

Where do you come from? (fam. sing.)

Do they come from France?

One hand. Two hands.

One dress. Three dresses.

The hat? Itís black.

The coat? It is red.

One wall. Four walls.

The son. The daughter.

One shirt. Five shirts.

The mother. The father.

Is that your (fam) dog?

One suit. Six suits.

I donít have a dog.

Where does she come from?

The student. The students. (masc.)

Itís sunny and hot.

One book. Seven books.

One door. Eight doors.

One foot. Nine feet.

The blouse? Itís yellow.

The pair of pants? It is blue.

The boots? They are gray.

Where do you come from? (fam. pl.)

The student. The students. (fem.)

Itís cold and windy.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Itís not raining. Itís snowing.

One chair. Ten chairs.

One window. Eleven windows.

One leg. Twelve legs.

Thursday, Friday

Where do your parents come from? (formal)

In the fall

One skirt. Thirteen skirts.

One table. Fourteen tables.

One ear. Fifteen ears.

Thatís my dress.

She comes from Italy.

Your dress is dirty. (fam.)

The grandfather. The grandmother.

I come from Switzerland.

One head. Sixteen heads.

The niece. The nephew.

One eye. Seventeen eyes.

Saturday, Sunday.

in the spring

The shoes? They are white.

He comes from the United States.

The dress? Itís green.

One body. Twenty bodies.