My schedule

It might be helpful for you to know when I will be working on your materials and when you can expect me to return your work.

In addition to my online work for Northern, I am working at South High in Denver, tutoring and developing web pages for the South High writing lab and the English faculty.  I am at South from 6:30 to 4:00 most days, but I'm on the payroll for only six hours a day.  That gives me a couple of hours during the day to work on my Northern material.  I also do Northern work evenings and weekends. My schedule is such  that I can almost always correct and return your homework within 24 hours ... and  usually within a matter of a few hours.

I usually work two or three hours each evening, so any homework that you send me by about 4:00 should be corrected and returned that same evening.    Anything arriving later in the afternoon or evening will probably have to wait until the next morning or early afternoon.

There will be occasional evenings when your homework will just have to be ignored. If there's a special concert or a not-to-be-missed ballgame, your homework won't stand a chance. I'll try to inform you of such occasions in advance so that you won't be expecting rapid service. Fridays will be a bit different. Friday evenings tend to be somewhat "sacred" and there are certain "rituals" to be performed, so you should look for your Friday afternoon and evening homework to come back sometime Saturday. Unless something special comes up, I'm usually at the computer several hours on Saturday and Sunday, so there's a pretty good chance that your weekend submissions will get back to you fairly rapidly.