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Introduction to Literature and Composition 1

Class Syllabus - Fall 2004

Mr. Mark Edward Barlock

South High School English Department
Room 217
Voicemail: 303-764-3203 mailbox 21444
Evening Phone: 720-280-4881


Course Description:

This class is the first semester in a two-semester course that is organized to study the literary genres of poetry, the short story, drama, non-fiction, epic poetry, and the novel.  In addition to the literature, the students will continue growth in spelling and vocabulary, as well as specified composition, grammar, oral communication, and research skills.  This course is required for graduation.

A college level dictionary and a thesaurus are required for this course.  Websterís and Rogetís are always good choices.

Other required materials are as follows: 

  • An ample supply of pencils

  • An ample supply of black or blue pens

  • An ample supply of loose-leaf notebook paper

  • A three-ring binder

  • 500 3X5 ruled index note cards   

  • Various books that will be detailed in an August 26, 2004 letter to parents.

Grading Policy:

In accordance with the grading scale at South High School, Mr. Barlock uses the following percentages to determine student grades.  This class is based on a total point scale for each of the nine weeks grades and the final; then these three grades are used to determine the final semester grade.

A 90.00%-100%(+) First nine weeks grade is 40% of the semester grade.
B 80.00%-89.99% Second nine weeks grade is 45% of the semester grade.
C 70.00%-79.99% Final examination grade is 15% of the semester grade.
D 60.00%-69.99%
F 00.00%-59.99%
Homework Policy and Make-up Policy:

This policy was the most difficult to decide exactly what it would be in this class.  This course is a study of an extremely complex language with a very diverse literary tradition in a very accelerated and complex world; therefore, homework for this class will be a significant and necessary burden in the lives of students who are up to the challenge of this class.  However, I understand that the life of an adolescent is one that is full of turmoil and various commitments.  With these facts in mind, I have determined the following policy in regards to work in the class. 

No credit for work for an unexcused absence will be accepted.

A ten-percent grade deduction will be assessed to late work.

I will accept work from weeks one through six of the nine weeks until the beginning of week eight.

I will accept work from weeks seven and eight until the beginning of the ninth week.

I will accept work from week nine on the last day of the nine weeks.

If anything in the life of a student inhibits the studentís ability to perform work on time, I must be informed of the matter as far ahead of time as possible and will work with each student on a case to case basis depending on the studentís situation.

Tardy and Attendance Policy:

I strictly adhere to South High Schoolís tardy and attendance policy.  If a student is late to my class, he or she must have a pass.  If a student is more than twenty-five minutes late to class, he or she will be considered to be an unexcused absence.

A Closing Note from Mr. Barlock:

I believe in being available to my students and helping them whenever possible.  Please contact me if you need anything.  I will do my best to make my class work well for you. It is the parents' and the studentís responsibility to contact me before a problem arises or grows too large.

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