GER  105

Assignments  ---  Einführung B

This assignment page will tell you what I want you to turn in as homework. Send me those pages marked with an asterisk *. The Plan contains the answers to all or most of the exercises that follow.  Feel free to check your work before you send it.


Your first assignment in Einfuhrung B is simply going to be a part of your review for the Einfuhrung A exam. Just write out and send me the German equivalents of the following. Yes, I know you have already done it, but try it this time without looking at the German sheet. 





Even though you have already had these pages on an exam, they could appear on the next.  


Possessive adjectives: mein, dein/Ihr.  Read section B.5 (p. 47).  Note that mein = my, dein = your (familiar), and Ihr = your (formal).  Work through the Übungen (plural of übung) 8 and 9, check answers and meanings in the Plan, and send me the German equivalents of the following:

* Übung 8

Übung 9

Either one of these two pages could appear on your exam.


Let's add some vocabulary.  Study section B.1 (p. 41) and learn the vocabulary for the items in the classroom (Klassenzimmer) on page 26. 


Now study section B.2 (pp. 42-43) to learn about the formation of the plural forms in German.  Start getting used to German plural forms by studying the plurals of the classroom objects.

Klassenzimmer  (with plurals)

Now send me the German singular and plural vocabulary for the classroom items.  



We will now go back and study the plural forms for the articles of clothing and the parts of the body that we learned in Einführung A.



Send me the singular and plurals vocabulary for these two sets.  Either one of these pages could appear on your exam.

* Kleidung

* Körper

Now, just for the practice try Übung 3 on page 44.  Indicate that Sigrid has one of each item and that Helga has two.  Find the link to the answers in the Plan.


For this assignment you will need to study the vocabulary for family relationships, weather expressions, months, seasons, and days of the week.  Again, the Plan will give you everything you need to know.  Send me the following:







This last assignment in Einführung B deals with colors. Work on  Übung 6 and send me the following.

Kleidung und Farben

Review Pages

Review - Write the German equivalent of the English.

Review - Write the English equivalent of the German

You don't need to submit this review work since the two pages serve as answer sheets for each other.