(Seite 157) --- Videoecke --  Aufgabe 2

Heike was born in Leipzig on March 15, 1973.  She married a Ukrainian.  She speaks Russian, White Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish, and she studies East Slavic and Polish studies.

Heike: On Saturday I overslept.  On Sunday and Monday we were in the garden.  We pulled the weeds and painted the fence.  While we were in the garden, we lifted a stepping stone and there was a mouse underneath.  We were so frightened that we dropping the stone, and thus the mouse was killed.

Which expressions are true, which are false?  Correct the false expressions.

1. On Friday she overslept.

2. On Saturday and Sunday they were in the garden.

3. She moved the lawn and pulled the weeds.

4.  Thus a mouse was killed.

5. Her astrological sign is Pisces.

6. Her parents live in the Ukraine.

7. She always celebrates her birthday in the Ukraine.



1.  On Saturday she overslept.

2.  Richtig

3.  She painted the fence and pulled the weeds.

4.  Richtig