(Seiten 168) --- Übung 9 -- Ein schlechter Tag


Mr. Thelen gets on the wrong side of the bed (with the left foot).
2. First he doesn't hear his alarm clock and oversleeps.
3. Then he goes into the kitchen and makes coffee.
4. After breakfast he drives his car into the city to do some shopping.
5. He parks and doesn't come back for two hours (comes back only after two hours).
6. Mr. Thelen goes (receives) a ticket and pays twenty Euros for illegal (false) parking.
7. He drives home, dpes the wash, and cleans up.
8. During the cleaning up, an expensive vase falls on the floor and breaks.
9. When the wash is done, a sweater has shrunk.
10. Then Mr. Thelen goes quickly to bed.
11. Fifteen minutes before midnight, the house burns down.