(Seite 169) --- Übung 11 -- Interview 

 Write the German equivalent of the following in the past tense.  Use the familiar singular in your questions.


 How long did you talk with your parents on the phone yesterday? (How long did you telephone yesterday with your parents?) ... a half hour.


1.  When did you get up? ... early.


2. Whom did you photograph? ... someone.


3. Whom did you visit? ... someone


4.    Where did you go out to? (To where did you go out?)  ... to the movies.


5. What did you pay? ... something.


6. What did you repair? ... something.
7. What did you try? ... something new.
8. How long did you watch TV? ... two hours.


9. What did you not understand? ... something.


10. When did you clean up your room? ... at four o'clock.