(Seite 141) ---  Situation 1b -- Was haben Sie gemacht?  -- Write the German equivalent of everything you see in English. 

1. I take my books. I took my books.
I have breakfast. I had breakfast.
I shower. I showered.
I go to the university. I went to the university.
2. I come home. I came home.
I play basketball. I played basketball.
I make a meal. I made a meal.
I go shopping. I went shopping.
3. I see a film. I saw a film.
I eat dinner. I ate dinner.
I go to bed. I went to bed.
I was dishes. I washed dishes.
4.  I go to bed late. I went to bed late.
I dance a lot. I danced a lot.
I talk with my friend (fem). I talked with my friend (fem).
I go to a party. I went to a party.
5. I go to the movies. I went to the movies.
I work in the library. I worked in the library.
I drive to the university. I drove to the university.
I work. I worked.