GER  105

Assignments  ---  Kapitel 4 - Part 2

This assignment page will tell you what I want you to turn in as homework. Send me those pages marked with an asterisk *.  Be sure to consult the Plan for additional information, including the answers to many exercises.

The text did quite a thorough  job of presenting the perfect tense.  I fear, however, that you will concentrate so much on saying things in the past tense that you will forget about how to say things in the present.  Therefore, the first three parts of our second set of Kapitel 4 assignments will ask you to give the present tense equivalents of the past tense sentences in the lesson.  I won't ask you to give the English equivalent of all the sentences, but you should be reminding yourselves of meaning as you work through the exercises.


Send me the present tense equivalent of the following sets.

Übung 1 -- Rosemaries erster Schultag

Übung 2 -- Eine Reise nach Istanbul

Übung 3 -- Ein ganz normaler Tag

Grammatik 4.1 Tagesablauf

Situation 3 - Das letzte Mal


... and the present tense of these.

* Übung 4 -- Das ungezogene Kind

* Übung 5 -- Katrins Tagesablauf

* Grammatik 4.2 Erlebnisse anderer personen

* Situation 4 -- Richards Wochenende

* Situation 1 -- Was haben Sie gemacht?


... and these.

* Übung 9 -- Ein schlechter Tag

*  Übung 10 -- In der Türkei - Mehmet is in Turkey

*  Übung 11 -- Interview

* Grammatik 4.5 -- Ereignisse

* Grammatik 4.5 -- Ereignisse - 2

* Situation 13 -- Interview: Gestern


Now you will work on putting sentences back into the past tense from the present tense.  The following set is based on the sentences found above in the first part of this assignment page.  I will not ask you to send me the English equivalent of the sentences on the list, but you should know what each one means.  If you have any questions at all, you should send me your translation so that I can verify it.  You will be expected to translate similar sentences from German to English on your exam.

Present to Past - 1


Now do the same present to past exercise with the following set based on the sentences in part 2 above.  Again, send me your translations if you are unsure of anything.

Present to Past - 2


Same drill.  This time with sentences based on the group in part 3 above.

Present to Past - 3