GER  105

Exam Description  --  Kapitel  4  - Exam 2

For the most part, your exam will be a collection (or slight variations) of pages  that you have already done as homework assignments. You know what will be there;  it's just a matter of putting in the time and learning it.

Part 1 This is an easy exam to describe.   You will be asked to do essentially the same thing you did on the Kapitel 4 - Part 2 Assignments page: change sentences from present tense to past, change sentences from past tense to present, and give the English equivalent of German sentences in both present and past.  The exam will not be divided into parts for present and past.  Everything will be thrown in together.  All of the verbs and vocabulary that you will need are found in the Part 2 Assignments.

Kapitel 4 Assignments - Part 2