GER  105

Exam Description  --  Kapitel  4

For the most part, your exam will be a collection (or slight variations) of pages  that you have already done as homework assignments. You know what will be there;  it's just a matter of putting in the time and learning it.

Part 1 Any of the following pages could appear on the exam. 

Übung 1

Übung 2

Übung 3

Übung 4

Übung 5

Page 143

Situation 4

Übung 6

Übung 7

Übung 10

Part 2` You will have a couple of pages of German to English translations taken from the following pages.  You should be prepared to translate this material in all persons, not just the persons referred to in the exercises.  All of the subject pronouns will be used. 

Page 140

Situation 1

Situation 3

Übung 9

Page 150

Page 152

Übung 11

Situation 13

Situation 14