GER  105

Exam Description ---  Kapitel 3

For the most part, your exam will be a collection (or variations) of the sentences that you have already done as the homework assignments listed below.  You know what kind of material will be there;  it's just a matter of putting in the time and learning it.


Modal Verbs

Übung 2 -- Pläne und Fähigkeiten

Grammatik 3.1 -- Talente und Pläne

Grammatik 3.2 -- Pflichten

Situation 8 -- Stefans Zimmer


Accusative Case

Übung 7 -- Was machen diese Personen?

Situation 9 -- Minidialoge -- Was paßt?


Dependent Clauses

Übung 8 -- Warum denn?

Übung 9 -- Ist das immer so?


Physical and Mental States

Grammatik 3.4-3.5 -- Körperliche und geistige Verfassung

Situation 15 -- Warum fährt Frau Ruf mit dem Bus?


You will also have a few pages of expressions in German to be translated into English.  These expressions will be similar to those found in the exercises listed above.


Review your previous exams.  Any material from the review exams could be included on this one.