GER  105

Assignments  ---  Kapitel 2

This assignment page will tell you what I want you to turn in as homework. Send me those pages marked with an asterisk *. The Plan contains the answers to all or most of the exercises that follow.  Feel free to check your work before you send it.


Study the text material on page 104 on stem-vowel changing verbs, and read my comments in the Plan.  Do Ubungen 8,9,10 on pages 105-106, and send me the following pages in German.

Übung 8 

Übung 9 

Übung 10 


Now have a look at pages 87 -89 and send me the German equivalents of the following.

Page 87

Situation 10



Back to page 106 and the discussion of the du-imperative, the command form in the familiar.  Study the material, and send me some more German sentences.

Übung 11

Übung 12

Übung 13 


Study my accusative case discussion in the Plan and the corresponding pages in the text.  And work on the three vocabulary lists.

Besitz 1

Besitz 2

Besitz 3


Study the text and the Plan discussions of the possessive adjectives.  Do exercises 5 and 7, check you answers, and then me the German sentences.

Übung 5

Übung 7