GER  105

Exam Description  --  Kapitel  2

For the most part, your exam will be a collection of pages that you have already done as homework assignments. You know what will be there, it's just a matter of putting in the time and learning it.

Part 1 Old Stuff!

You can always count on having something from earlier lessons rear its ugly head and take a nip at you.  This time around, you want to pay particular attention to the following verb pages.

Einführung B -- Übung7

Einführung A -- Übung2

Einführung A -- Übung 3

Einführung A -- Übung 4

And let's not forget some of the earlier vocabulary pages. Just give me the singular forms.  I won't ask you for the plural forms on this exam.





I have a new page for the days, months, seasons, and colors.  Look for it on an exam.

Tage, Monaten, Zahrezeiten, Farben

And don't ignore the weather and time expressions.

Das Wetter

Die Uhrzeit

Die Uhrzeit

From Kapitel 1, you might want to review the following:

Kapitel 1 - Übung 10

Kapitel 1 - Herr Wagner

Kapitel 1 - Übung 12

Any of the above materials could appear on your Kapitel 2 exam.  Review, review, review.

Part 2` From Kapitel 2, you will probably have a few of the pages dealing with the present tense of stem-vowel change verb forms.

Übung 8

Übung 9

Übung 10

Page 87

Situation 10


Part 3 You will also probably have a page or two of du-imperative exercises.

Übung 11

Übung 12

Übung 13

Part 4 From the accusative case section, you should be able to handle the following vocabulary lists.

Besitz 1

Besitz 2

Besitz 3


Part 5 Look for one of the two exercises you have worked on for the possessive adjectives.

Übung 5

Übung 7

Part 6 You might have some phrases and sentences in German to translate into English.  If you see something in German in any of the assigned exercises or other exercises that we cover in class, you should be able to tell me what it means.