GER  105

Assignments  ---  Kapitel 1

This assignment page will tell you what I want you to turn in as homework. Send me those pages marked with an asterisk *. The Plan contains the answers to all or most of the exercises that follow.  Feel free to check your work before you send it.


In this lesson you will learn a bunch of new vocabulary items, most verbs.  Start by studying page 69 in the lovely lilac pages and giving me the German sentences for Übungen 1, 2, and 3 on page 70.  Here are the links to the English sentences that you need to put into German and which could appear on an exam.





Now study grammar section 1.2 on page 71 and send me the German equivalents of the sentences in Übungen 4 and 5 on pages 71 and 72 as well as the Freizeit exercise on page 50. The following are the English sentences that you might encounter on an exam.

Übung 4 

Übung 5 



In the first lesson we played around a bit with numbers.  Now let's put these numbers to use to tell people what time it is.  Study the telling time discussion on pages 72 and 73, and give me the times for the clocks on pages 54 and 73.  You will find the worksheets below.  Check the Plan for the answers.

Situation 6



Put on your industrial strength study gear and tear into the separable-prefix material on page 75.  Then work on Übungen 9 and 10 on pages 75 and 76.  Refer to the Plan for answers and English equivalents.  I want you to send me the sentences in German for each exercise.




We have two more sets of sentences using separable-prefix verbs.  These are found on page 56.  Again the Plan will give you all the information you need.  Send me the sentences in German.

*  Wagner



We have two grammar sections dealing with word order.  Study the first on page 74 but don't worry about the exercises.  Then study the word order in questions on pages 76 and 77 and send me sentences in German.  On Übung 11  I just want the questions that you would ask in the interview, but in Übung 12 I would like to have both the questions and the answers.