GER  105

Exam Description  --  Kapitel  1

Part 1 Old Stuff!

Your exam will include a collection of materials that you have already worked on as homework assignments and as sample exam pages. You know what will be there; it's just a matter of putting in the time and learning it.

Review Page - English to German (Einführung A)

Review Page - English to German (Einführung B)

Part 2` New stuff!

Be prepared to write the German equivalent of a collection of sentences (and variations thereof) taken from the following exercises. 

Übung 1 

Übung 2 

Übung 3 

Übung 4 

Übung 5 


Situation 6

Übung 6

Übung 9

Übung 10

Herr Wagners Tagesablauf

Ein Tag in Sofies Leben

Ein Interview mit Marta

Noch ein Interview 


Part 3 You will have a couple of pages phrases and sentences in German to translate into English.  If you see something in German in any of the assigned exercises or other exercises that we cover in class, you should be able to tell me what it means.  This section will also include materials from Einführung A and Einführung B.

Review Page - German to English (Einführung A)

Review Page - German to English (Einführung B)