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The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation.  Jane Straus's easy-to-use reference guide and workbook is now available as an online resource.  Choose a topic from the Table of Contents, study the section, do the exercises, and take the test.  Answers are provided for the exercises and tests.

Grammar Bytes!  Interactive Grammar Review.   This site features an index of grammar terms, grammar rules, interactive exercises, handouts for teachers and students, and a site creator section which has additional exercises and handouts.
Big Dog’s Grammar.  A Bare Bones Guide to English.  Select from a great variety of grammar topics.  Big Dog includes an interactive self-test designed to test your understanding of the grammar points you have just studied.  The site also provides a handy MLA Quick Guide with information on plagiarism and citing sources.
Guide to Grammar and Writing.  This site prepared by Capital Community College in  Hartford, Connecticut, covers a wide array of topics. For each grammar topic, you will find an explanation, a PowerPoint presentation, and interactive quizzes for checking your mastery of the topic.
Fundamentals of English Grammar: Description and Use.  Choose a chapter and select a sub-topic.  After studying the material, check your mastery of the material with the interactive quizzes.

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