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American Literature and Composition  1
Course Syllabus -- Fall 2004

Mr. Glover

Room 252
Phone: (303) 698-6100 ext. 6251

Course description

This first semester of a year-long, required language arts course is focused on American Literature from 1500 to 1900, with special emphasis on social and literary movements and conflicts throughout the period.  Representative works of poetry, prose (including essays), and drama will be considered through a variety of thematic considerations. 


Blue or black pen
Spiral notebook
Loose leaf paper
Student planner
Textbook and/or current focus text

Each student will be assigned a textbook during the second week of school that they will be responsible for during the school year.


Students will come to class prepared to work with the required materials listed above.  Cell phones, pagers, CD players, and other similar electronic devices will not be permitted in class.  Soda and candy will not be permitted in class; however, bottled water will be allowed.  All South High School polices will be followed in class, and each student will be respectful to his or her self and others in the classroom.

Attendance and Tardy policy

Regular classroom attendance is required to be successful in this course.  Students who miss 4 or more days per nine week grading period may fail the semester.  Also, it is the student’s responsibility to find out what materials have been covered in class when an absence occurs.  It would be advisable to get at least one classmate’s phone number in order to find out what material has been covered in class.  All students will be granted three tardies in each class per grading period.  On the second tardy, I will inform parents of the current tardy status and the next consequence.  On the fourth tardy, a referral will be given to the Dean of Students listing the dates of the tardies and the date of parent contact.  The student will then receive an assignment to Saturday School.  On the fifth tardy, the student will receive an in-school suspension and a parent conference for reentry into school.


Homework will be assigned throughout the semester and will usually consist of writing and/or reading assignments.  All written homework will be completed and turned in the following class period unless otherwise indicated.  Assignments more than one day late will not be accepted.


Grades are based on performance on daily assignments, quizzes, tests, homework, and papers.  There will be a heavy writing component in this course, and there will be a 3-4 page paper due every three weeks.  The papers will be consistent with the different types of formal and analytical writing that is expected of students through their academic and professional careers.  There will also be a test over the materials covered during the three week period as well as a group project.  Guidelines will be given for each paper and project.  In addition to the papers, projects, and tests, there will be a weekly vocabulary quiz and a weekly reading quiz.  Please note: if a student has an excused absence on the day of a quiz, the quiz  may be made up at a later date. Students will not be excused from taking a quiz because of an illness on the day before.  Mini grammar lessons may be included if needed. 

Make up work for periods of excused absences from school will be accepted for one week following the student’s return to school.  Grades will be based on percentages of possible points earned based upon the following scale:

A – 90-100%
B – 80-89%
C – 70-79%
D – 60-69%
F  – 59% and below

An approximation of points possible: Tests
Weekly Vocab
Weekly Reading

100 x 3
100 x 1
10 x 9
10 x 9
50 x 4


Also, please remember that I am here to help you. I am available 30 minutes before school, during lunch, and during my planning periods. You may also contact me via e-mail with any questions you may have and I will respond as soon possible. I want each and every one of you to be successful in this class!

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