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Welcome to the French Pages, a project of David Westenskow, Professor of Languages at Montana State University - Northern in Havre, Montana.

These pages will take you to a variety of sites related to my French course at Northern, the French language in general, and a wealth of cultural and photographic material. Eventually this site will deal with the rest of the French-speaking world as well as France, so it will be under constant construction. For now, I invite you to click on the Fleur-de-Lys symbols below for a cyber voyage through the realm of things French. Bon Voyage.

FREN 105

Elementary French

Azay le Rideau

FREN 105 Course Syllabus

French Verb Page - Conjugations of the verbs we are encountering in French in Action.

French in Action Online - Visit the Publisher's French in Action Page

French in Action Newsletter - Creating a Network for French in Action Users


The French Language


A French-English Dictionary

A French Verb Conjugator (whoopee)

A French Online Encyclopedia


Paris - The Arc de Triomphe

This Place Called France

Arc de Triomphe - Paris

French Government Tourist Office

Paris Tourist Office

David Chung's Trip to France

Three Days in Paris with Scott Kirkwood

Picturing Paris - Photos by Rein Nomm



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