FREN 105 - Questions and Answers

Nov. 12  --  Question: How do the assignment pages and the workbook work? Do I write in the workbook, or on the printed out class sheets?

Don't fill out and send me the workbook pages.   The workbook has a lot of information (verb charts, pronoun charts, masculine and feminine adjective forms, etc.) that can be very useful, but I want you to submit your homework using the assignment pages I have put online.  If you send your homework by mail, you won't get it back for at least a week.  If you send the homework by e-mail, I will usually be able to respond in a few hours. 

When I mark your homework, I always indicate the correct answers.  I suggest that when you receive these correct answers, you use them to complete the exercises in the workbook.  Then you can use the workbook in a variety of ways.  1.  Study all of the charts, examples, etc., in the various "observation" sections.  2. Practice reading the correct sentences in French and translating them into English to increase your understanding of the vocabulary. (The Plan gives you the English equivalents.)  3.  Print several copies of the online exercises, do the exercises without looking at the answers, and then check your exercises against the correct sentences in your workbook.  There are a lot of different ways you can approach the assignments and the workbook, but the essential thing is practice, practice, practice.