First Spanish Reader





One night the master orders his slave to shut the door. But since the slave is very lazy, he does not want to get up and he answers that the door is already shut. Next day the master orders the slave to open the door, and the slave answers that it is already open, for knowing that his master wants the door open in the morning, he never shuts it at night. The master realizes now quite well that due to his laziness the slave neither opens nor closes doors. If they are open, they remain open; if they are closed, they remain closed. The slave spends the entire morning and the entire afternoon lying in his bed. Very angry, the master commands him to get up: “The sun is high already— get up to work!” “If the sun is so high,” says the slave, “then I want my dinner.” “You wretch , you want to eat without working, and it’s already late.” “So, if it’s so late,” the slave says, “I want to sleep.” And so everybody goes to bed and to sleep. At midnight, the master asks: “Is it raining?” But the slave does not get up to find out but calls the dog, which sleeps outside the house, feels his paws, and seeing that they are dry, he replies: “Master, it is not raining.” Another night the master asks the slave whether there is a fire in the fireplace. The slave calls the cat and feels his fur to see whether it is warm or not. Since he notices that it is cold, he replies: “Master, there is no fire in the fireplace.”