First Spanish Reader





Joey is studying at the University, located in Sleepy Town. Upon his returning home during the Christmas recess, all his friends and relatives are very happy to see him and talk things over with him. One day Joey is having lunch at home with his parents. His mother brings in a plate with two hard-boiled eggs. As Joey wants to show off how much he knows— for isn’t he after all an outstanding pupil of the University? —  he takes one of the two eggs and hides it. A little later Joey asks his father: “Dad, how many eggs do you see on that plate?” “Well, one,” answers his father. Joey then returns the other egg to the plate and asks again: “And now, dad, how many do you see?” “Two,” answers his father. “Wonderful!” exclaims Joey. “The two eggs that you

ves ahora y el otro de antes son tres huevos ¿verdad que ? Su papá está un poco confuso. Sólo ve dos huevos en el plato y no tres. Pero la madre de Pepito, que oye todo esto y que es muy lista, se apresura a decir: —¡ Efectivamente, tres huevos! Así es que tomo éste para , le doy este otro a tu papá, y el tercero es para .