Leçon 9 -- Text -- Vacation in Brittany I


During the summer vacation, two years ago, in Brittany ...




Mireille, Cécile, and Marie-Laure, their male cousin Georges and their female cousin Yvonne




are alone in a house rented in common by the two families.




Pouh! .... It's just our luck! It's been raining for three days. (That make three days that it's raining.)




It is beautiful, your Brittany, huh?




Yes, the sea is boring when it rains. (It's boring, the sea, when it rains.)




There is nothing to do.




Let's play pinochle. .... Pelota (jai alai) in the house? We don't have the room. (One doesn't have the room.)




But no, idiot. Pinochle! Not pelota! You're deaf or what?




One isn't going to play Basque pelota in Brittany.




But one can play cards: pinochle, bridge, poker, écarté.




One can play chess ... or checkers. It's less complicated.




Ah, no. All that, it's boring. Let's play instead at making portraits.




Yes, that's an idea. Let's play portraits.




That's it. Let's make some portraits.




How is it done (How is it that one does), in order to play portraits?




It's very easy. Someone describes a person in three or four phrases.




Euh ... for example: She is tall. The has one blue eye. She has one gray eye. She's very nice.




And then the others guess who it is.




Who is it? ... Who? ... Well, tall, a blue eye, a gray eye, and very nice.




Well, I don't know. It's no one. She doesn't exist. It's an example.




Ah, good. One invents people who don't exist?




But, no. Gee can you be stupid.




When one plays, one takes people who exist, obviously!




Otherwise (if not), one cannot guess.




Good. Let's go to it. Let's begin.




We begin by people of the family. Who begins?




Hey, you Yvonne. You start. ... No, not me ... I don't have an idea.




But yes. Think about it. (Let's see.) It's not difficult.




Take someone from the family ... anyone (not important who).




Wait. ... I'm searching. ... Let's see. ... Ah, that's it. I know.




He is tall. He has short, gray hair. He is always tanned.




He's good-tempered. He's always in a good mood.




He is very generous. He's always giving (making) gifts. He adores the ...




Uncle William. It's too easy.




What does he like, Uncle William? ... Children, idiot.




OK, it's to me now. It's my turn.




A pointed and thin nose ... thin lips ... pointed teeth, sharp (pointed) voice.




"Ah, he is annoying, this kid. " --- Aunt Georgette!




Good. To me now. The great athlete. Very proud of his performances ... past:




At running, 100 meters, 400 meters, marathon; at the high jump, at the pole vault.




The perfect athlete. Never misses a sports even ... as a TV spectator, obviously.




He even plays tennis ... once per year.




Oh, là, là. Boy is she mean. It's Papa.




Well, obviously, it's your father.




Good, to me. Distinguished air, slender hands, blue eyes, blond hair.




Looks just like (all the portrait of) her second daughter.




Oh ... he is gallant, the little cousin. ... Good. One isn't going to say who it is!




Yes, yes, say who it is.




Let's go kids. It's past four o'clock. It's snack time.




Say who it is! Say who it is! I want to know who it is, so there.




Oh, but shut up. You're annoying, in the end.




First, you are going to get (look for) the snack.




Hey, I'm not your maid. Go there, yourself.




Listen ... you want to know who it it?




Well, yes! --- So, go get the snack.




Ah, you can really be annoying! Poo!




Bring some Orangina and some citrus soda.




There are so raisin rolls (little breads).




Bring the Breton cookies, also. ---- There aren't any more.




But, yes. There are at least five or six left.




There aren't any left. --- You are sure?




Of course I'm sure. Since I'm telling you (saying it to you), you can believe me, no?



Marie-Laure brings the bottles, the glasses, and the raisin rolls.




Watch what you're doing.



Marie-Laure drops (lets fall) everything.




Ah, that's clever.




(crying) It's not my fault!




OK, don't cry. It's not serious.




So, who is it?