Leçon 8 -- Text


Let's study Mireille's family tree.




In 1912, Adolphe Belleau marries Eugénie Dubois.




They have two children: Casimir and Anatole.




In 1937, Anatole Belleau marries Jeanne Langlois. They have five children.




Two girls, Georgette and Paulette, and three boys, François, Armand, and Guillaume.




In 1964, François Belleau marries Madeleine Pothier.




They have three daughters: Cécile, Mireille, and Marie-Laure.




If you examine the family tree,




You see that Mireille is the daughter of François and Madeleine Belleau.




Cécile and Marie-Laure are also the daughters of François and Madeleine.




And of whom is Yvonne the daughter?




She is the daughter of Armand and Arlette Belleau.




Mireille is the granddaughter of Anatole Belleau




and the great-granddaughter of Adolphe Belleau.




Georges is the son of Armand Belleau, the grandson of Anatole,




and the great-grandson of Adolphe.




And Mireille's maternal family ... Madeleine Belleau is the mother,




Louise Pothier is the grandmother, and Lucie Pothier the great-grandmother of Mireille.




Who is Edouard Pothier? He's the father of Léon Pothier,




the grandfather of Madeleine Pothier, and the great-grandfather of Mireille.




Cécile and Marie-Laure are Mireille's sisters.




But, is Sophie Pothier Mireille's sister?




No. She's her cousin; and Philippe Pothier, Sophie's brother, is her cousin.




Henri Pothier is her uncle, and Juliette Pothier, her aunt.




Miss. Can you present your family to us? ---- My family?




Yes. That doesn't bother you?




No. .... Yes, if you want. Almost everyone is there.




Let's start with (by) my parents. Dad. Mom.




There are my father and my mother.




There are my sister Cécile and her husband, Jean-Denis.




Everyone says that she looks like me (resembles me).




Marie-Laure! ... Marie-Laure is busy.




Oh, wait. I'm busy.




Come! Marie-Laure, I'm telling you to come right now.




What! What's the matter (What is there)?




Say hello ... There, she's my little sister sister, Marie-Laure.




Over there is my great-aunt Amélie. She is 70. She's a widow.




Ah ... in the time of my poor husband.




Her husband died in the war. Next to her, that's my great-uncle Casimir.




He is 85. He's a widower. His wife died of cancer.




That, that's uncle William, a brother of Dad's.




He is 54. He doesn't work. He has a fortune, as my aunt Georgette says.




He has leisure time. That's nice, leisure time. He's always on vacation.




He has acquaintances, lots of acquaintances. That's useful, acquaintances.




He doesn't have any children. He's single.




But he adores children, especially Marie-Laure.




William is extraordinary. He always finds time for the children.




Yes, yes. I know ... and he always arrives with chocolates, gifts.




It's easy when you have money.




That. That's my aunt Georgette, a sister of Dad's.




She is 59. I believe that she doesn't have much money.




She isn't married. She, too, she is single.




Fortunately because she hates kids. Even her nephews and nieces.




She finds all kids annoying and tiring.




But basically, she is very nice. I like her a lot.




Well, there is it. My aunt Paulette and my uncle Victor aren't there.




My grandparents aren't either; my grandfather isn't very well.




But I can show you some photos if you want. Marie-Laure!




What? What more is there?




Go look for my album. ---- Oh, you are bothering me.




You can't go get it yourself?




That, that's me at six years. That, that's me at six months.


M. François Belleau and Mrs, nee (born, maiden name) Pothier
are happy to announce the birth of their daughter Mireille
January 3
18, Vaugirard Street
Paris 75006


That, that the announcment of my birth in Le Figaro.


The Marquise de Pinot-Chambrun, the Count of Bettelheim d'Arbois and the Countess, nee
Sylvie Catherine de Villehardouin du Fayet
have the joy of announcing the birth of their grandson
son of the Count Roland de Pinot-Chambrun and of the Countess, nee Chantal de Bettelheim d'Arbois
January 3
He brings joy to Diane, Eric, and Gildas
La Grange-aux-Bois


That, that's the birth announcement of Hubert. He's a friend.


We have exactly the same age; we were born the same day.


That, that's the announcement of Marie-Laure's birth.



Ant that? Who is it?


That, it's Sophie; she's my cousin. On Mom's side ... a Pothier.


Ah, yes. Philippe's sister. -- Yes, that's right.


And what is she like? She's nice, the little cousin?


Yeah .... well ... She's nice ... but I prefer my Belleau cousins, especially Georges.


She's not bad, your cousin. How old is she?


She's seventeen ... and a nasty temper. I'll warn you.


That's true?



And that, it's Marie-Laure in a tutu.


And that, it's my grandmother. That, it's my grandfather.


That, it's my great-grandfather. That, it's my great-great-grandfather.


And that, it's my great-great-great-grandfather, Mr. Cro-Magnon.


Besides, she looks like him, don't you think?