Leçon 6 -- Text


A classroom, a professor, some students.




Today we are going to do the portrait of the young girl of the story. OK?




If you want .... You're the teacher. (literally, It's you the teacher.)




It's you who decide.




Ah, but no. I propose ... but we discuss and we decide together.




Let's see. Let's try.




In the story, we are going to have a young girl, not an old lady,




not a young woman, not a little girl, but a young girl.




This young girl is going to be French, and her first name is going to be Mireille.




Let's start by her physical portrait. Is she going to be tall or short? .... Short.




Let's say that she is going to be rather short.




She doesn't look sturdy. She looks fragile.




But in reality, she is not fragile at all.




She isn't sick. Of course not (literally, you think well)




with a mother who works at the Health Ministry.




In fact, her health is excellent.




She is even very athletic. She does a lot of sports.




She does some karate, some bike riding, some skiing,




some tennis, some horseback riding, some ice skating,




some canoing, some hang-gliding (deltaplane = parapente), some sailing,




some wind-surfing, some swimming, some fencing,




some mountain climbing, some athletics ... everything, you know. (literally, everything, what)




Is she going to be thin or a little stocky.


Thin, obviously, since she looks fragile.



Is she going to have a long or short neck? (the neck long or short) Thin or thick?


She's going to have a rather long and thin neck. (the neck rather long and thin)


Is she going to have a thin or a thick waist? She has a thin waist.


And the fingers? Is she going to have short and thick fingers, or long and thin (fine).


She has long and thin fingers. And she also has long and thin legs.


The face, now. Is she going to have an oval, elongated, round ... square face?


Oval? Good. Let's say that she's going to have an oval face.



Is she going to be blond, brunette (dark-haired) , red-headed, or brown-haired (chestnut brown)?


Let's see ... she's going to be blond.


Too bad. Because, me, I prefer the brunettes.


Too bad (tough) for you. Mireille is blond and is going to stay blond.


Now, is she going to have long or short hair? What do you prefer?


Long. ...Very well. I'm in agreement. She's going to have blond and long hair.



And the eyes? Is she going to have black eyes? Chestnut eyes? Gray eyes?


Or green? Or rather blue eyes? ... Blue eyes.


Good. It's agreed. She's going to have blue eyes, both. She's going to have two blue eyes.


There is the physical portrait of Mireille. She is rather short.


She looks fragile, but her health is excellent, and she's very athletic.


She is thin. She has an oval face, blond hair, and blue eyes.



Now, let's do the character portrait of Mireille.


In terms of character, she is lively and has a quick mind.


She is intelligent, very reasonable, very sociable ... a bit of a tease, perhaps,


But she is not at all mean. She has a very good disposition.