FREN  105

Assignments - Lešon  5

This assignment page will tell you what I want you to turn in as homework. Send me those pages marked with an asterisk *. The Plan contains the answers to all or most of the exercises that follow.  Feel free to check your work before you send it to me.  Many of these exercises will also appear on your exam.  Check the exam description for details.


Your first assignment for French in Action lešon 5 is simply going to be a part of your review of the introduction and lessons 2 - 4.  Just write out and send me the French equivalents of the following. Work on these until you can do them without looking at the French sheet. When you can do that, you are ready for the review portion of the exam.

* (English materials) (French equivalents)

Remember! Language study is a cumulative thing, and not a collection of isolated units.  I will expect you to remember all of the earlier material as we proceed from lesson to lesson.


Now read the text for lešon 5 (pp. 25-28) and use the text vocabulary sheet to try to figure out what everything means.

Your translation should be close to this

I suggest that you practice putting the  English page above back into French, sentence by sentence.  I will not, however, ask you to submit this translation practice as a homework assignment. 


Now go to the Mise en Oeuvre section (p. 28) and figure out what the questions mean.   (English meaning of the questions)

Referring to the text, try to find the answers to the questions.  (French questions with the correct answers)

How did you do?  Here are the questions and answers in English.  Send me these questions and answers in French.  I will expect you to do this for me on an exam, so practice, practice, practice.



Now we will move to the workbook, page 46.   I will give you the English sentences describing the pictures.  You give me the French equivalent.

Now I want you to go to page 49 and review the conjugation of the verb avoir.   Study the questions in exercise 13 and check the English equivalents if you have any question about the meaning of the questions and the answers you are to provide.  Complete and send me the exam page.


In exercise 15 tell how old everyone is by putting the correct form of avoir in the blanks. I will also want you to be able to recreate the French sentences from the English equivalents. 




Go on to the imperative of -er verbs starting on page 50. Complete exercises 20, 21, 22 on page 52 and exercise 38 on page 55.  Write the English equivalents of both the original French sentence and the imperative that you create.


On page 51 study the expression of necessity (il faut), and work out exercises 24 and 25 which also involve the imperative.  Write the English equivalents of both the original French sentence and the sentences or phrases  that you create.

In exercise 26 you will complete the sentences with an appropriate expression (in most cases an infinitive) and then write the English equivalent of the sentence.

Study the comments on negation starting on page 53.  Answer the questions in exercise 39 and write the English equivalent of the questions and the answers.