Leçon 4 -- Text


A classroom, a professor, some students.




In order to learn French, we are going to invent a story.




It is going to be a veritable novel, a novel in collaboration, a collective novel.




You like novels?




Yes ... well ... that depends.




You like romance novels (novels of love)?`




Oh, no. I hate that.




What do you like? Adventure novels




No, I don't like that.




You prefer mysteries (police novels)?




And you, Miss, you like novels?




All right (oh, good). You don't like novels. You prefer the cinema?




Me too. I prefer movies. What do you prefer?




Swedish films. Japanese? English comedies? American musical comedies?




You don't like comedies. Me neither. I prefer tragedies, dramas.




I adore stories of crime.




Me too. Are we (is one) going to have a crime in the story?




I don't know. Maybe. We'll see. (One is going to see.)




Let's continue the invention of the story.




Let's see. Let's start by the young man.




He is American. He arrives in France.




He is at the airport. He passes the police.




Passport? ... Go ahead. You can pass.




Now, he is at customs with two other young people, a young girl and a young man.




You are French, all three?




No, the young lady and I, we are Americans.




Ah, you speak English?




Of course ... since we are Americans.




And you, you are American also?




No. Them, they are Americans, but me, I am Brazilian.




You have nothing to declare?




That's good. Pass. You can pass. Go ahead, go ahead, pass.




It's true that you are Brazilian?




Yes, of course. Why not?




Where are you going? .... To the University Cité. To the Brazilian house.




There is a Brazilian house at the Cité?




Of course. There's a Brazilian house for the Brazilian students.




A Swedish house for the Swedes. A Danish house for the Danes.




A Japanese house for the Japanese. A Cambodian house for the Cambodians.




A Canadian house for the Canadians. A Cuban house for the Cubans.




And an American house for the Americans.




Obvioiusly. It's there that you are going?




And you. You are going to the American house.




No, me, I'm not going to the Cité. I'm going to the Latin Quarter.




You are taking a taxi? .... No, the bus or the train. And you?




I'm taking a taxi. Bye.