Exam Description - Lešon  2

Part 1

A page of sentences and expressions in English to be translated into French.  These items will be similar to those on the sample exam pages for Intro - Part 1 and Intro - Part 2.

Intro - Part 1

Intro - Part 2 

Part 2

A page of sentences in English to be translated into French.  These sentences will be taken from the questions and answers based on the story line for lesson 2 or any  workbook exercise that I specifically identify as an English-to-French  possibility.

Questions and Answers in English

Questions and Answers in French

Part 3

A page or two of sentences and phrases in French to be translated into English.  This material may be taken from anywhere in the lesson: the text or any of the assigned exercises.  If it's in one of your assignments and it's in French, know what it means.  Remember that anything in the introductory lessons could also be included.   

Review items similar to those in the Intro 1 and Intro - 2 sample exam pages will also be included.

Intro - Part 1

Intro - Part 2

Part 4

Selected exercises from the workbook.  In this lesson any of the exercises assigned  as homework could appear on the exam.

Refer to the Plan and the Assignments page  for details on the exercises.


Exercise 2.3

Exercise 2.11

Exercise 2.13

Exercise 2.18

Exercise 2.19

Exercise 2.21

Exercise 2.25

Exercise 2.27