FREN  105

Exam Description 

 Introduction --Part 1

Your exam material will be taken from the following pages based on your exercises.  You just need to practice, practice, practice.  There should be no surprises.  If you want to work on these once more and submit them, I will check them over for you.  

You may have any of these pages on the exam or a selection of items from several pages.  The selection could look something like this

Review Page - English to French

Qui est-ce? Exercise 1
Qui est-ce? Exercise 2
La class de français Exercise 3a
La famille Colin Exercise 3b
Discussions Exercise 3c
Descriptions dans la classe ... Exercise 4
Les photos de Mme Martin Exercise 5
Comment est ...? Exercise 6a
Test de mémoire Exercise 6b
Rencontres Exercise 7
Projets du week-end Exercise 8a
Où allez-vous? Exercise 8b
A Havre.  A Paris. Exercise 8c
Personne ou chose? Exercise 9
A review page including times and numbers Review
Vocabulary Review You will also have  page or two of words, phrases, and sentences in French to be translated into English.  Anything in the lesson is fair game.   The selection could look like this

Review Page - French to English