Exercise 8a --- Projets du week-end

C'est vendredi, et Barbara parle des projets de tout le monde. (It's Friday, and Barbara is talking about everyone's projects.)

Complete the sentences with the verb aller in the first blank space and with the correct form of to or to the in the second if necessary. Then give me the English equivalent of your French sentence.


Moi, je ____vais__________ __à la____________ bibliothèque (bibli).

Me, I go (I'm going) to the library.


Ce soir, nous ____allons___________ chez Daniel.

This evening, we go (we are going) to Daniel's place.


Mme Martin, vous ____allez____________ _____au________ restaurant, n'est-ce pas?

Mrs. Martin, you go (you are going) to the restaurant, aren't you?


Louis et Albert _____vont__________ _______au__________ café.

Louis and Albert go (are going) to the café.


Demain, Barbara, Jacqueline, et moi __allons_______________ __aux________ grands magasins.

Tomorrow, Barbara, Jacqueline, and I (me, in French) go (are going) to the departments stores (the big stores).


Daniel, tu ______vas__________ ____au____________ cinéma demain, n'est-ce pas?

Daniel, you go (you are going) to the movies tomorrow, aren't you?


Barbara ______va_________ ____à l'____________ église demain après-midi.

Barbara goes (B. is going) to the church tomorrow afternoon.


Et Raoul _____va_______ ____à_______ Montréal ce week-end.

And Raoul goes (R. is going) to Montréal this weekend.