Exercise 12b -- Le dimanche matin (Sunday morning)

Albert is talking about what one does Sunday mornings. Replace the blanks with a form of the verb aimer. Then how about some English equivalents.


Mon ami Louis ________aime_____________ boire un bon café noir.

My friend Louis likes to drink a good black coffee.


Ma soeur _______aime__________ dormir jusqu'à midi.

My sister likes to sleep until noon.


Mes parents ________aiment_______________ aller à l'église.

My parents like to go to the church.


Daniel et moi, nous _______aimons_______________ jouer au tennis.

Daniel and I (me), we like to play tennis.


Mes deux petits frères _______aiment________________ regarder la télé.

My two little brothers like to watch television (look at the television).


Moi, j' ________aime____________ lire le journal.

Me, I like to read the newspaper.


Tes amis et toi, qu'est-ce que vous ______aimez______________ faire?

Your friends and you, what do you like to do? (What is it that you like to do?)